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Jumat, 04 Februari 2011



Nullify merupakan band yang terbentuk pada Agustus 2009. Filosofi dari nama band yang saat ini terdiri dari 5 orang personil ini berasal dari kata "Null" yang menunjukkan perjuangan mereka untuk turut mewarnai musik indie Bali dari awal.

" We want to negate justice on musicality in the indrusties"

Nullify :
"First of all let us introduce this new band. We name ourselfs as Nullify, a band made around August 2009. We're a band that really wants to put a diffrent colour and have a own typical in our songs and especially to the band. With all of their own skills in their instruments (as we marked our self in the band), we mix a good point from each of us to the songs with diffrent ideas from diffrent influences. A great honor for us if our songs satisfied the listner and the public loves it. We're also trying to keep our acts in good ways then the others, so all of you might like us, well, friends are hard to find right?"

Genre : Alternative/Rock

Personil :
Amad (Vocal)
Erik (Guitar - Lead)
Mankkoek (Guitar - Rhythm)
Echa (Bass)
Kurniawan (Drumms)

BOOKING: Gde Kurniawan (081805517181)

Site :


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